F5. Sustainability

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced it has established the world’s first process to reuse rare earth metals extracted from nickel-metal hydride batteries for new nickel-metal hydride batteries to recycle precious resources. Honda said that so far, it has been extracting an oxide containing rare earth metals from used nickel-metal hydride batteries at the plant of […] 

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to launch a portal with safety-related information on substances as part of its existing chemicals management programme.

Speaking at the GlobalChem conference held near Washington DC, Jim Jones, acting administrator of the EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, said although the agency does not always hold full data sets on substances, it does have a substantial amount of information, including hazard and exposure information, that it will provide access to in a way that is useful to a variety of stakeholders. The information will include a range of search functions, including chemical, or chemical group, endpoints, and function or use.

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